800 Years Old Wine Recipe For The Heart

WINE FOR THE HEART – RECIPE of the nun Hildegard

The wine for the heart is a recipe over 800 years old and was found in ancient writings of the mystic nun Hildegard von Bingen. This mystic nun lived 81 years and is considered the most versatile and the most educated woman of the age.

Supporters of alternative medicine really respect and appreciate the work of the aforementioned mystic because her recipes for centuries were copied and transmitted from generation to generation. Although she lived in the Middle Ages, dealt with the natural sciences, theology, music and medicine.

WINE FOR THE HEART IS “gift from God”

Natural cure for heart of nun von Hidegard who lived from 1098 to 1179, was found in ancient writings and emphasizes the claim that it is a direct experience with the vision of God. All recipes of this famous mystic contain precisely that component “images and words from heaven,” because all the drugs and the disease as the nun claims revealed God himself.

Recipe for the heart published Marija Treben, famous herbalist, whose book “Health from God’s pharmacy” is bestseller among supporters of alternative medicine.


Dr.Hertzka believes that this is the best drug that he has ever recommended in his medical practice and to make improvements in all forms of heart failure. Wine is aimed at heart patients who have problems with flashing, stabbing, systolic heart failure, and is effective with arrhythmias and achieve results with angina.

It’s necessary:

The stems of parsley – 10 pieces

Homemade wine – 1 liter – no matter if black or white, it is most important that to be completely natural

Wine vinegar – 2 tablespoons

Domestic natural honey 300 grams

HOW it is prepared?

A dozen full of fresh parsley with stems or leaves without roots put in a liter of pure natural wine (red or white -just to be homemade) and add it to one or two large tablespoons of vinegar. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes (caution – it foams).

Later, add honey and gently cook the next 4 minutes. While still hot the wine is, strain and pour into glass bottles (which you have previously disinfected with concentrated alcohol). Seal well the bottle. At the bottom of the bottle there will be a residue, which is also free to drink, because it does not hurt, even more so it is a healing.

Although cooked wine is generally accepted remedy for a healthy heart, there are different attitudes of herbalists about cooking the honey. While cooking honey loses its medicinal properties. It is our decision the decision whether we will cook or not the honey.


It is recommended that daily take one to two tablespoons of this natural medicine, as long as the problem does not completely disappear. In severe heart disease wine for the heart can be taken for several months. The maximum dose is 3 tablespoons per day, and only in the most severe patients.


The popular heart drug was again revived with the advent of the Internet and social networks in particular where it is likely to expand. Today there is almost no serious portal on health and alternative medicine, which did not mention it.

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