How to Brighten Your Skin Naturally

1.Pure Honey Boosts Skin Brightness

closeup portrait of a black woman with a honey on her face

Honey is moisturizing and also has anti-bacterial properties, so it’s a great and all-natural choice for smoother, brighter skin. Making a fresh honey mask which is homeopathic and beneficial to skin brightness and clarity is really as easy as applying a layer of high-quality honey, such as Makuna honey (any honey will work, though!) to your clean, dry face and then letting it sit for ten or fifteen minutes. Once you’ve tried to this homemade honey mask, you’ll find that it’s an effective way to make your skin look better in just minutes. Also, honey doesn’t cost too much, and it’s very pure and safe.

2.Rub an Ice Cube on Your Face

Woman holding ice cube on her face

Ice cubes are free, and they are a great, no-cost way to tighten and brighten the skin. Some people plunge their faces into ice water (ice cubes and water) to take down any swelling and improve skin brightness instantly. Others rub ice cubes on their faces in order to get the same effects. However you use them, you’ll find that they allow you to improve the look of your skin quickly.

3.Olive Oil is a Great Skin Brightener

Beauty treatment with olive oil

Adding a little Olive Oil, such as a couple of drops, to clean skin, except for the eye area, will give your skin a bright and rested look which is very attractive. Since it’s so natural, you may put it on your face, lips, etc. and your skin will accept it without reacting. It’s great for adding light and beauty to cheeks, forehead, and chin and it’s great for your complexion in general, thanks to its vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties. The key to accessing Olive Oil’s benefits is using a cold-pressed formula, as this type of Olive Oil is the purest.

4.Lemons are a Natural Wonder

Turmeric roots with lemon and honey drinks, powerful healing bev

Lemon is renowned for its ability to brighten up the skin. It may also lighten skin tone a little bit. Since lemons contain a fairly high percentage of citric acid, as well as lots of vitamin C, they are able to improve skin quality very well, and they are such a reasonably-priced home treatment.

If you want to use lemons to access brighter skin, consider making your own face pack. You may do so by adding 1/2 of the juice of a lemon, a couple of tablespoons of rosewater, half a teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of turmeric. Combine the ingredients and then put them on your neck and face. Let them sit for about ten minutes. Then, take the face pack off with a towel that is cool and wet.

Another option is a face spray which is made from lemons. To create this sort of spray, just add ice-water to a spray container and then put in the juice of a single lemon. Shake up the mixture and then spray it on. It’s best to use the spray to brighten skin which is clean and dry. Use this spray once or a couple of times per day.

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