Brazilian Diet – Lose 12 kg in 1 Month!


What do you think of when you see the words “Brazilian” and “weight loss”? If you’re like many, you think of the tall-and-toned bodies of Brazil-born models like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima.

However, this isn’t a diet plan designed by some celebrity trainer in order to get a model body.

The Brazilian Diet is all about getting healthy- and weight loss is a very happy side effect of that.

The main principles of the Brazilian Diet are:

  • Be aware of calories but don’t get hung up on counting them constantly
  • Make sure everything you eat offers your body a healthy benefit
  • Eat the right sized portions for you
  • Cut out all processed food and take-away food
  • Cut out alcohol until you have reached your target weight
  • Cut out all fizzy drinks, even diet drinks unless it’s fizzy water
  • Understand the difference between ‘need’ and ‘greed’
  • Eat more vegetables, fruit, chicken and fish
  • Drink lots of water

The science is simple.

If you eat less and move more you WILL lose weight. Listen to your body. It’s important that you get your brain in gear and start to listen to your body. Are you ‘tummy’ hungry or ‘brain’ hungry? If you feel hungry but have had a large meal an hour or so ago, you know you are not ‘tummy’ hungry; meaning your stomach isn’t empty and asking for food.

In this situation, it is your brain telling you to eat because your blood sugar levels have probably dropped. So instead of eating too much food, just eat a small palmful of nuts and raisins. This will be enough to naturally lift your blood sugar levels and keep you going until you are properly ‘tummy’ hungry.

Need or Greed?

It’s also a good idea to ask yourself, is it ‘need?’ or ‘greed’ when you are about to eat. If you haven’t eaten for 3 or 4 hours and feel hungry, you know this is a ‘need’ meal; therefore your meal needs to be nutritious to fuel your body. If however, you have had breakfast and then meet friends for coffee and cake one hour later, this isn’t a ‘need’ meal – it is a ‘greed’ meal. When you are in the process of getting healthy and losing weight, try not to put yourself in the position of eating a ‘greed’ meal – or at least wait for a special occasion to enjoy an occasional as a special and worthwhile treat.

Nighttime meals

Have your last meal of the day 12 hours before you are due to have your breakfast. Your body needs a 12-hour break without food. So if you have breakfast at 7.30am, don’t eat dinner any later than 7.30pm the night before.

This will not only aid your weight loss but you’ll wake up with better skin, clearer eyes and no dry mouth or a sore throat. Try it!

Portion control – very important information

We are all different shapes and sizesThis is why you need to gauge your portion size.When losing weight, the protein and carbohydrate in any meal need to be no larger on the plate that the size of your closed palm. Your palm size relates directly to your stomach size.

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