These Health and Wellness Trends Will Blow Up in 2017

Since the juicing trend is officially on its way out, Barron says expect the soup cleanse to take its place—after all, it is the delicious meal you can make today and eat all week. “Souping is the next juicing, but it’s way better and healthier,” she said. “I don’t know about you, but I always feel cold when I’m on a juice cleanse. The good news is that soup cleanses help to avoid that constant freezing cold feeling.” This makes it perfect for January when the cold weather hits and the idea of cold-pressed juice has officially lost its appeal.

“While it’s similar to juicing (in that it promises to give your digestive system a break), souping is less likely to induce headaches, energy crashes, and that weight-gain rebound juice cleanses are known for,” said Livestrong writer and chef Ariane Resnick. “Where juicing removes your food supply completely—leaving you with only the nutrient-laden water pressed out of whole-produce items—souping allows you to consume food, and plenty of it. This means you can spend a few days or a week consuming healthy, whole-food soup meals without feeling deprived.”

If you use bone broth as the soup base, Resnick says you’ll receive even more benefits, such as reduced inflammation, improved digestion, joint repair, and more.

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